3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Jeep Gladiator

2020 Jeep Gladiator in Miami is gaining the hype it deserves before it was even finally revealed. And the combination of being a Wrangler equipped with a truck bed is all we have ever needed. It has all the necessary cargo space you need and has a second row nonetheless to seat other passengers in too. You can also keep more precious cargo in it in a clean and dry state if keeping the bed open. If you are planning to buy one, let’s discuss the key features of this jeep.

  1. Not quite inclined to the Wrangler this time

If you don’t consider the bed, Jeep Gladiator may look very much like the Wrangler, and from the back door forwards, it carries many of the Wrangler’s design features too. If it does look like Wrangler, it may not have all of its features. The rear suspension is a five-link one and is more associated with the RAM 1500 than the Wrangler. Hence, this is a very comfortable ride for the second row passengers too. There is not any roll because of the heavy duty rear suspension in the truck. Hence Wrangler delivers bumpier rides.

  1. The heavy duty bed

While many claim Gladiator as a Wrangler than comes with a pickup bed, but there is more to what meets the eye. The Gladiator comes with a 5 feet pickup bed, which is pretty much similar to the ones in Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado. It also comes with a 7500+ pound towing capability and a 1600 pounds payload capacity. In other words, your dirt bikes, mountain bikes, camping gear, or even a boat can be kept in it. Hence Gladiator is the companion you may need for camping.

  1. Amazing offroading

Most of the jeeps come with a great all terrain capability. The Gladiator is deemed the best of all, no matter if it has got a larger wheelbase. The better suspension is all you need to handle all kinds of terrain handling prowess, or it is just a sole feature that even the Wrangler doesn’t contain. It comes with offroad mode plus, which changes the throttle and the stability control settings based on the four wheel driving settings that the drivers make use of. In simple words, this feature makes the Gladiator drive to places that even the Wrangler cannot drive to.

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