4 Different Ways to Wear Gothic Promise Rings & What It Means

Promise rings are symbolic articles that many persons use in declaring their commitment to a romantic relationship. Although there are occasions where specific individuals get these rings to put a seal on their friendship with no strings attached, this article will be focused on the former. On this basis, we now explore four different ways gothic promise rings can be worn.

Left-Hand Ring Finger

This is one of the most popular ways to wear a promise ring. It is normally assumed that the relationship will progress in a positive direction, with the couple expecting to marry after a certain period of time. The exchanging of engagement rings is frequently preceded by the use of the promise. When an engagement is secured, the promise ring might be worn on the ring finger of the other hand or kept in a safe place.

Right-Hand Ring Finger

It is still possible to wear a promise ring on your right finger. Those who choose to wear their promise rings in this manner do so to prepare the left hand’s ring finger for an engagement ring. Wearing the promise ring on this finger prevents the need for a possible resizing, which may occur when the promise ring is switched from the left to the right hand’s ring finger.

Any Finger

Nothing stops you from having a promise ring on any finger – no hard and fast rules about it. You’re at liberty to wear the promise ring on your index finger, middle finger, or wherever – and this doesn’t leave any dent in your (love) commitment. This option may be seen as the best for people who do not intend to go into marriage – they just want to keep a committed romantic relationship for as long as things keep working out.

Around the Neck

Just because it’s a ring doesn’t mean you have to wear it on your finger. Furthermore, what better way to deviate from the conventional – as gothic fashion trends are known for – than to add a good twist? As a result, gothic promise rings can be worn around one’s neck. All you have to do is link it to a string or neck chain, and you’re done. This could even be a way to avoid purchasing an undersized or excessive promise ring.

In general, you should never forget that having an understanding of the finger on which the promise ring will be worn will assist you in making an informed purchase. To this end, you can take some time before hitting the stores to determine the size of your girlfriend’s – boyfriend’s – finger.

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