5 Tips On How To Shop For The Best Quality Scotch Whisky

Drinking a small amount of whisky can make you relax and feel great. However, you need to choose the best Scotch whisky to get the most out of your money. The best scotch whisky is the one that is most satisfying to your palate and that offers you the best overall experience, whether you’re drinking it on its own or in a cocktail. As such, it’s impossible to say with absolute certainty what constitutes the best scotch whisky, but here are seven tips on how to choose the best scotch whisky based on quality and flavour so you can find your favourite brand!

1.   Understand the Whisky Basics

First, understand that not all whisky is Scotch. While Scotch is just a type of whisky, it’s also a category encompassing several different types of malt whiskey: Single Malt, Double/Blended Malt, Single Grain, and Blended (multiple grains). There are more than 100 distilleries in Scotland today. So how do you know which ones produce quality whisky?

Single malt scotch is whiskey from a single distillery, which differs from blended Scotch, a mix of whiskies from different distilleries. For tips on choosing the best Scotch whisky to buy in 2022, ask yourself how you want to feel when you drink it. Is your taste more toward smoky and peaty or less smoky and smooth?

2.   Consider Your Taste Preferences

It’s essential to know your taste preferences when buying scotch whisky, so you don’t regret a purchase later. Perhaps a blended scotch will do if you prefer sweeter, lighter liquors. If you want rich and peaty, go for single malts that come from distilleries on Scotland’s west coast. Blended whiskies are typically cheaper than their single malt counterparts, but they may lack the flavour intensity some consumers want in their liquor.

Do you prefer a sweet, oaky single malt like Glenfiddich 12 years? Or a peaty scotch like Laphroig Quarter Cask? Do you prefer single malts to blends or vice versa? When shopping for a bottle of Scotch, try to pick out at least two or three options that fit what you like best, so you can sample them all before choosing one. It is also beneficial to ask other people about their favourite Scotch brands because it may help narrow down your options before making an initial purchase.

Countless factors will affect your overall enjoyment of a particular whisky, but there’s no rule saying you have to be an expert on them all; it might be better if you weren’t!

3.   Consider Quality Over Quantity

Since Scotch whisky is a luxury good, you want to be sure you’re spending your money on something of quality. Look for these ingredients: Scotland, Speyside; malt; and aged in oak barrels. The cost of these bottles will typically depend on their quality, but it’s worth it to make sure you’re paying for quality.

It can also be helpful to shop at reputable liquor stores like Whisky Fix that have experts who can help guide you through some of your selections. If possible, look online first before buying in person – you might get a better deal if shipping isn’t an issue. Lastly, check out local events like tastings or seminars where experts are present – they’ll not only guide you through what to look for when shopping, but they might also give away free samples! You might also consider other factors such as age and chill filtration.

4.   Do A Blind Tasting

Sure, some scotch is worth paying a hefty price for. But if you’re on a budget and want to know which brands offer high-quality spirits without breaking your bank, do a blind tasting. Research five or six varieties of Scotch and line them up in front of you—but don’t label each bottle. Taste each one and figure out which brands (or even single bottles) are best.

You’ll quickly get an idea of what offers better quality. And, if you want to go pro, buy a cheap bottle that doesn’t taste good at all—you’ll now have an example of what low-quality tastes! It’s not always about spending as much money as possible. Sometimes it’s just about knowing how to shop smartly.

5.   Look at Other Whiskies in Similar Price Range

Before you begin shopping for a bottle of your favourite whisky, it’s a good idea to check out other scotch whiskies in its price range. Doing so will give you some insight into what makes one whisky more special than another and may help you to determine whether a more expensive scotch is worth the money. It will also allow you to see any different characteristics between lower and higher-priced whiskies of your preferred brand or style. If not, then stick with what you know works for you.


Scotch whisky has always managed to arouse people’s curiosity, especially those who are new to it. From choosing a bottle of good scotch whiskey to understanding how you should store and serve it, many aspects of it can be a little overwhelming at first. However, once you get accustomed to some basic facts about scotch whiskey, such as choosing one with low tannin levels – selecting your preferred type becomes much more manageable to pick your desired brand. You can contact the Whisky Fix for the best Scotch whisky ranging from the old and rare to the new arrivals.

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