A Foodie’s Delightful Guide To Buying And Using Maple Syrup!

Maple syrup is a great all-round sweetener to have on the table. From drizzling some on pancakes and waffles, to using the maple syrup for cooking bacon or using a dressing for salads, this is a multipurpose product. Not many people are aware of the fact that fake maple syrup does exist. Such products, like pancake syrup, contains corn syrup as one of the key ingredients, instead of maple syrup. Pure maple syrup is tasty and is great as an alternative to refined sugar, although maple syrup does contain a good number of calories and a high dose of sugar. Studies reveal that maple syrup is still better to white sugar, because it contains some nutrients and selected antioxidants. Brands like Delices Erable et cie sell organic maple syrup, which is worth every penny spent.

How is maple syrup derived?

In case you are living under a cave, maple syrup comes from the maple tree. Every year, between the months of February and April, maple trees are tapped by drilling holes, and the sap is derived. The sap is then boiled to reduce water, and the final syrup is filtered to get pure maple syrup. Organic maple syrup comes from organic forests, and the processing is done conventionally with great care.

How to buy maple syrup?

You will find Grade A maple syrup in most markets, which may have color gradings, such as golden, amber and dark. If the color of the maple syrup is extremely light, it means that it has been harvested in the earlier part of the season and will have more sweetness and less of maple flavor. Dark and golden colored maple syrup is stronger in flavor. There is also something called Grade B maple syrup, which is almost dark-colored syrup that is mostly sold for commercial use, especially to bakeries and confectionaries. If you are new to buying maple syrup, we would recommend that you go for organic variants if you can find.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that both flavor and taste are equally important for a maple syrup, so you need to buy a product that contains nothing but the pure syrup. Also, keep a check if the product has been sourced from Canada. The best organic and pure maple syrup comes from Quebec in Canada. In fact, world’s 80% maple syrup comes from Quebec, where it’s fun time in March. Find a few brands now!

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