Buy Michelada Mix in 12 Packs: Choosing the Best Beer to Use

Micheladas are not as popular as the Bloody Mary this brunch sipper is more refreshing and gulpable, especially in summer. However, if you have tried mixing yourself a Michelada, you have probably noticed that some beer may not work in this cocktail. Some beers do not go with hot sauce or tomato. After you buy michelada mix in 12 packs, you will need to get a good beer for your Michelada.

Here are some of the best beers that work best in the Michelada:

Sesión Cerveza

This American lager is made to taste like the best Mexican beers. This beer is quite drinkable, especially on a hot day. It features a hint of a hoppy bite, crispiness, and brightness, making it perfect when mixed with fruitier, spicier habanero hot sauces and orange or lime squeezes. If you want to create a Michelada to impress someone, create the drink straight in the bottle.

Firestone Lager

Mixing this beer to your Michelada, together with freshly sliced green pepper and an underlying sweetness will give the cocktail body and balance that stands out. The drink is a perfect one to drink while waiting for your Mexican brunch to arrive.

Bohemia Clásica

This dark and heavy beer is subtly sweet that makes a richer Michelada with nearly sherry-esque nuttiness and sourness to it. It will help you create a Michelada that you will want to serve alongside a copita of mezcal and a rim of sal de gusano for garnish. It can be paired with barbacoa or adobo sauce smothered chicken and tortillas.

Corona Extra

A Michelada with this beer is less spicy, with lemon and lime carrying into a light, crisp palate. A lot of experts find this a balanced Michelada because it tastes a nice lager.


This iconic Michelada beer is the most commonly used as a base in bars and restaurants. Crisp, light, and malty, this beer is the best canvas on which to create the Mexican cocktail. It is just important to stick to the classic formula of Maggi, hot sauce, a touch of tomato, and freshly squeezed lime to get the best of the drink.


Pacifico features more body and sweetness to balance the spice. It has been one of the most commonly chosen Michelada beers because of its ability to handle the spice well on the palate. A Michelada with this beer tastes like an actual cocktail.

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