Buying Cannabis Concentrates In Aurora? Things To Know!

Cannabis enthusiasts and experienced users often want to experience more than just flowers. Today, concentrates have emerged as one of the top categories in cannabis products, and there is so much to choose from – live resin, wax, shatter, THC diamonds and more. If you look around for cannabis concentrates in Aurora, you will find a bunch of choices in dispensaries, some of which have been made in partnership with popular producers. What exactly are cannabis concentrates? We have a guide below that may come in handy.

What exactly are cannabis concentrates?

In simple words, cannabis concentrates are products that have been manufactured in a way to only keep the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Not to undermine the love for natural cannabis flowers, but concentrates are way better when you are looking for a certain kind of experience. There are varied ways to use concentrates – some people like to use it via dabbing, while others prefer using a vaporizer.

Understanding the difference between extracts and concentrates

Note that these terms can be in place of one another, but extracts and concentrates are not the same. Not all concentrates are extracts. Extracts are concentrates that have been made using a wide range of solvents. For example, wax that has been collected using butane hash oil is basically an extract.

How to store concentrates? For how long can you store concentrates?

You can keep concentrates in parchment paper in glass containers. Most manufacturers will mention how you can keep your concentrates safer, but use parchment paper, so that there is less air inside the container. As for the storage, it really depends on the concentrate in question. Majority of concentrates will lose essence in about six months, while some can last for a while, up to a year. Since potency is one of the major reasons to use concentrates, you should try and use the product as soon as you can. Some concentrates can be stored in a freezer for longer, but ensure that you thaw the product well before use and keep it away from moisture in an airtight container.

Final word

The quality of your cannabis concentrate does make a huge impact to the effect and other things, so make sure that you select a brand that’s reliable. Find a dispensary that sources its products from a known producer in Aurora and do check the labels to find more on how the concentrate is supposed to be used.

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