Buying Slime Online: Fun slime projects that are also teachable moments!

Slime is a great product that provides endless fun for kids at all ages. However, when you buy slime online, you could open the doors to more than just fun. A reputed slime maker online has slime of various colors, textures, and scents. So, why not unleash your creative streak and let your kids learn something new, as they participate in some great slime projects? They’re fun, but they’ll also deliver some great life-lessons for kids of every age.

Beyond Fun

Because this is your family’s safety and health that you are dealing with, sourcing your slime from a high-quality slime brand supplier is vital. But along with the health and safety considerations, using top-quality slime delivers unbelievable benefits for kids of all ages:

  • Once they start playing and experimenting with cool slime projects, older kids typically develop an interest in knowing how slime works – what makes it tick! This gets them digging deeper into polymer science, and that adds to knowledge they will use later in life
  • Slime projects can help younger children develop their sensory skills. Leading manufacturers and suppliers of slime online offer products with varying smells and textures. As they progress through their slime projects, they’ll develop an assorted array of sensory skills required to function within society – school, community, and their professional world
  • Experts encourage parents and teachers to work with younger kids on developing their fine motor skills. One way to make developing those skills fun and enjoyable, is by using slime. As kids work on slime projects, they’ll pick, pull, stuff, stretch, mix, mold and kneed the substance. In the process, they’ll develop the motor skills they’ll need later in life

So, although you might think slime is cool – and it is! – as a play thing, there are plenty of health and educational reasons to work on exciting projects using slime.

Slime Project Ideas

Here are some great science project ideas for you to consider when you use high-quality slime brand products:

  • Magnetism: Get your kids to kneed various substances into several tubs of slime – metal paper clips, beads made from glass or plastic, tiny pebbles. Use a magnet to test which one of the tubs attracts it (the magnet). The experiment teaches them the qualities of magnetism.
  • Letters and Alphabets: Cut out letters and alphabets from cereal boxes, magazines, and newspapers, and place them in a basket. Ask each child to pick one alphabet from the basket. Then, the whole group uses their respective slime to create items starting with the alphabet chosen. If it’s “H”, then creating a horse or a house is a win. This project teaches the kids how to spell and identify letters in the alphabet.
  • Numerology: Hand each child a bucket of slime, and ask them to create smaller balls of slime from their buckets. The umpire (you!) decides the number of balls they should break the slime into. Maybe have them create portions of odd, even, or prime numbered balls, teaching them what each group means (E.g.: even = divisible by 2).
  • Color Combo: Source your slime online from a supplier who sells them in various colors. Then, use the slime to teach your kids about the color wheel – 3 Primary; 3 Secondary; and 6 Tertiary colors. You can even mix various slimes to teach them about different shades of colors.

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