Diamond engagement ring – first choice of girls

Finally!! The day has arrived. You are proposing marriage to the love of my life. You have been waiting for this moment for seven long years. All the arrangements are completed with a poolside table on your r favorite restaurant, flower arrangements, and champagne. But the highlight of the event will be when you put a diamond engagement ring on her finger.

Diamond is the symbol of love and Anthropologists believe that this tradition had started hundreds of years ago. The first-ever engagement ring was recorded in the year 1477. When Archduke Maximillian of Austria had presented a diamond engagement ring to his lady of love Mary, this trend of the diamond ring has become a part of European culture that slowly spread across the world.

It was until 1947 diamonds were known only in the royal kingdom. The popularity and the demand of Diamond engagement ring increased when the British company mined diamonds from South Africa and exported them. You may run many ad campaigns with famous Hollywood personalities. One such famous slogan was “Diamonds are forever” due to the durability of the diamond is conveyed that the marriage between two people is forever.

Over the years, they always talked about the most popular cuts of the town’s diamond, which is 58 facets that divide stone to the top and bottom half, similar to “Kohinoor diamond.” Apart from these, various other cuts are popular, like princess cut, oval, emerald, and many more. The diamond is the best gem for engangement ring for your loved one.

So, at last, she accepted your proposal, and you put the diamond ring on her finger, claiming to be officially mined forever. Overwhelmed by surprise, she couldn’t stop her tears. She was walking around with a beautiful engagement ring that signals commitment. After the proposal, many questions arose on why choosing a diamond ring as with the latest trend other stones embrace the beauty of love.

Why girl prefer diamond engagement ring?

It is known as a girl’s best friend. No gem is as hard as a diamond. It is a constant reminder no matter how hard things get between us. We can together get through because our love is indestructible, just like a diamond.

It is the ultimate prize for a new relationship. The diamond cut, color, and carat all give a different feeling and create various significances. That’s the reason there was a choosing diamond over other stones.

Though today not many people choose diamonds as there are many other stones or the price factor. Diamond has maintained the market value for many generations. If someone chooses to go for diamonds few factors can be kept in mind while selecting diamonds. First, the 4 C’s are Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat, certification of the diamonds, which display the vital statistics and characteristics of the diamond-like weight, polish, etc. The decision to insert a diamond stone in gold plate, white plate, pink plate, or platinum. I am sure by now you must have some clarity upon these precious stones for your loved ones.

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