Eco-Friendly Products You Should Consider Using

There are so many products that claim to be eco-friendly; it can sometimes take time to know what the best choice is. And while we’re not telling you that our list of 10 eco-friendly products is necessarily exhaustive, this list includes some solid and sustainable options worth considering.10 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Consider Using Today:

Crayola Washable Broad Line Markers

These innovative markers allow kids to create artwork without using any paper and then wash their creations away with just a little water!

Free organic cotton face clothes

These are some of the most helpful and useful clothes I have ever found! They come in a pack of 3, 4, or 5, washable, and are highly durable. You cover them in dish soap or any face soap or shampoo (the label on the front says “no bleach”) and wash them as normal.

Packable shopping bags-

These bags are great for carrying groceries around and are completely reusable! Just go ahead and throw them in the washing machine after you finish with them if you find they need it.


You can use this as a cleaner, a deodorizer, washing your hair and teeth, and even a natural mosquito repellent! Your friend will even love you for it if you share with them the health benefits of using vinegar.

Toilet Paper

The most effective way to reduce waste is not to use one single roll of toilet paper daily. Instead, I’ll use up my first roll in the morning and then wait until I return to bed in the evening. Then by morning before school, I’ll use one more roll instead of two (only because I need it).

Eco smart dishwasher tablets

These are great because instead of producing harsh chemicals when cleaning, they produce a 70% lower chemical level!

Bamboo toothbrushes

I like these better than traditional plastic brushes because they’re biodegradable and don’t harm the environment.

Acure 100% organic body care products

Acure provides a wide range of body care products made from completely organic ingredients that you can purchase from their website or at most health food stores. These products are great for sensitive skin and actually clean effectively!

Recycled Products

Please be sure to look at the packaging of any product you are considering buying. Often, recycled products will say what they’re made from on the packaging, but if they don’t, check out the company’s home page to see if it’s organic. The more organic materials a product is made from, the better.

Organic foods

I was surprised to find that when I started eating many organic foods, my allergies got a lot better, and I started to feel stronger. There are also so many health benefits of eating organic foods that make it well worth it!


Are you willing to consider using some of these or other eco friendly products? I hope so! You are making a great choice for your health and the environment when you do. Please check out these items and help me spread the word by sharing this with your friends!

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