Gas Mask Buds – Smoker’s Favorite

Gas masks have been used as smoking tools for hundreds of years. The concept of smoking herbs with a gas mask bong isn’t anything new. While low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels would appear to decrease the effectiveness of using a gas mask bong for a high, many redeeming characteristics remain.

The typical gas mask bong consists of an acrylic bowl with an electrical tapered piece on top. This piece is designed to fit snugly around the mouth. The top of the bowl is then sealed off to protect the user’s lungs by covering the mouth and nose. A rubber sealant is then placed over the rubber top and connected to the electrical tape. By applying enough pressure to the electrical tape, seals off the top of the bowl completely and forms a seal to keep out smoke and vapor.

Despite the similarities between the two types of smoking tools, there are some significant differences as well. While a hot box or electronic smoking tool will often contain small amounts of oil that cause the user to inhale deeply, the gas mask bong does not. Instead, the user inhales through a clear, circular piece on the bottom of the bowl. This unique feature provides significantly better flavor and an increased smoking experience.

An advantage unique to both products is the use of adjustable straps. With the gas mask bong, users can adjust the strap to fit tighter or looser around their face. This allows users to change the level of inhalation according to their preferences. On the other hand, an adjustable strap makes it easier to breathe through the same hole in the cup no matter what position the user’s head is at.

In addition to being used as a smoking tool, the bong can also be used to make one’s marijuana joints smokier. For this purpose, smokers can attach a mouthpiece, called a “smoke scrubber,” to the top of their gas mask bong. The scrubber ensures that the user’s oral cavity remains free from smoke and any residue that may be present. The scrubber can be activated by pressing a series of buttons on the device or by turning a knob located on the side. Because many smokers find mouthpieces unpleasant to use, this unique feature makes one’s marijuana joint experience more enjoyable.

Aside from making marijuana smoke more tolerable for some people, the gas mask bong also can protect smokers from ingesting irritating smoke particles. Since combustion products produce black smoke, some may find that their eyes may get irritated or even burned after having a cigarette. Because smoke from this product is not hot, the burning effect can be significantly reduced when one uses the bong in conjunction with an eyewash. The heat neutralizer in the bong neutralizes the effects of the smoke emitted by the burning charcoal. The use of this accessory can be useful for those who enjoy smoking but do not want their eyes to get irritated or burned. For added protection and comfort, many users find that the bong gas mask offers the ideal solution.

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