How to Buy the Best Nightstand for your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the places in your home you want to spend a relaxing time in. That is why it makes perfect sense to create a restful bedroom environment. Aside from having plenty of storage for your clothes, a bed, and comfy covers, you also need to have a nightstand. This bedside table offers a comforting finishing touch. However, with the many options available out there, it can be confusing to choose the right nightstand for your bedroom. Use this guide when picking the most suitable inexpensive nightstands:

Pick your Style

Some people choose to match their nightstands to the finish and style of other pieces of bedroom furniture. Others may pick bedside tables with contrasting materials as an attractive accent to the room. As you pick the perfect finish for you, think about its maintenance. You may not want to pick a solid wood piece if you tend to keep a glass of water or a carafe close to you throughout the night as water can damage the surface. It is also important to keep in mind that a shiny finish such as a mirror or lacquer must be wiped down for fingerprints and smudges more regularly than a matte table.  Make sure to keep into consideration your lifestyle when shopping so you come with a nightstand that will always look great. Just remember that the more details a nightstand has, the pricier it can be.

Take the Height into Account

Low platform style beds are quite trendy for low profile nightstands and if you own a raised bed, you want to have a table at a similar height. Generally, the table’s height should be within 6 inches of the height of the bed so you can comfortably reach your bedside lamps and personal items.

Pay Attention to the Size and Storage

 Some nightstands are only small tables with legs but others may have enough storage inside for books, reading glasses, remote control, and other important items you may want at bedtime. You must think about the items you will be keeping inside the nightstand before shopping and whether you want to have closed cabinet doors, open shelving, or a series of drawers. A big bedside table will fit everything you may need at bedtime; however, make sure to buy one that will not extend more than 24 inches from the wall. Keep in mind that anything deeper will make it difficult for you to hop in and out of your bed.

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