How to Choose the Best Garmin Horloge for You

When you’re looking to upgrade your fitness tracker and get a little more from your outdoor activities and daily runs, Garmin watches might be a good option for you. Garmin watches are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Whether you’re looking to take your running to the next level, track your progress and share your achievements with friends and family, or simply get more from your daily walks, Garmin watches are reliable, comfortable and accurate. Choose the right watch for you by understanding some key features before you make your purchase.

Garmin Watches Features 

  • Garmin Pay: Garmin’s fitness trackers (and now watches) connect to Android and iOS devices with the Garmin Connect app to enable Garmin Pay, the company’s digital payment solution. With Garmin Pay, you can make purchases right on your phone using your Garmin account. You can also select retailers that offer the Garmin Pay feature in their apps.
  • Optical Heart Rate Monitoring: With optical heart rate monitoring, you don’t need a chest strap. Garmin watches use a built-in light to determine your heart rate and display it on the watch face so you don’t need to take your hands off the bars or handlebars. This feature works for cycling, running, hiking, and cycling outdoors.
  • Garmin Connect: Garmin Connect is Garmin’s online community where you can store and analyze your data. It also offers social features, such as Facebook integration, so you can share your achievements with friends and followers.
  • Garmin Smartphone Integration: With Garmin Connect and Garmin Smartphone Integration, you can use your mobile device to control your Garmin horloge. You can pair your watch with your mobile device via Bluetooth so it can receive notifications, such as a buzz on your wrist when you get a message or a call on your phone.
  • Auto Pause/Auto Start: This feature enables your watch to automatically start and pause your workout session when you first start and stop your activity on your watch. This feature comes in handy if you work out before sunrise or before sunset, when outdoor activities typically stop.
  • Connect IQ: Garmin’s watch faces and apps can be downloaded from the Connect IQ store. You can customize your watch even more by downloading and installing apps from the Connect IQ store to control your watch from your phone.

If you’re looking for a watch, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re an avid runner or just looking to get more from your outdoor activities, these watches are designed for active people. They can track your progress and help you find your friends and family members who are outdoors enthusiasts. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which watch is best for you.   We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your selection when looking for the right watch. From the smallest fitness trackers to the most advanced watches, Garmin has the right watch for you.

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