How to Increase Cigar Sales Using Classy Packaging Materials?

Cigars are now a luxurious commodity often associated among the great pleasures of this world. Your Cigar is more than a cigar for your customers, it gives them a feeling of royalty when they light a cigar. Cigar should always be packed keeping this thing in mind. You need to package your cigars according to the aspirations of your customers to make sure they pick your brand when kept alongside your competitors. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning the packaging.

Inner Packing

The inner packaging is essential to retain the freshness of the Cigar. There are humidors to ensure freshness but the cigars must also be individually wrapped to give an imperial feel to them. These specially packed Cigars are often liked by customers while they add to your brand value as each of them has your brand’s insignia in them. Cigars are fancy items used in parties, often people like something they have in a party and want to have them for themselves. For such occasions, individual packaging plays a great role. Your potential customer can easily identify your brand by their individual packaging.

Humidors & Boxes

A fancy Cigar box or Humidor is a fancy item which most of us fancy to keep on our tables. Fancy boxes and Humidors by Refine Packaging attract customers and force them to buy in bulk to get those boxes. Always remember, most people fancy to store Cigars to light them on special occasions. So, storage plays a great role in Cigar selection. One might be a fan of some other brand, but a great looking case might force them to ditch their favorite brand for once. There are a lot of options of materials offering a wide price range for these boxes. Some are really pocket friendly as well.

Gift & Multipacks

Gifts and Multipacks force your customers to buy in bulk to get the offer or discount. You may put a Cigar cutter in a box of Cigars, a royal looking zippo in a large box. These items are often liked by the customers and have a better chance of getting picked by the customers. Bulk discount in multipacks is another successful idea which attracts a lot of customers specially those planning for a Cigar party or wish to add Cigars to the cocktail they are offering in their party. Always remember, a bulk sale gives you more profit per product than individually selling items, so never miss out on multipacks.

Cigars are a lavish commodity and your customers will look for the best for their dime. Packaging plays an important role in this decision making and often the best packaged Cigar might be deemed as the best Cigar for someone who is inexperienced. Cigar is a habit for only a few but almost everyone goes out to buy one to try. Keep this huge market in mind when designing the packaging, these people hugely rely on their perception and packaging plays a great role in it.

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