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This article will introduce you to Penis Envy, a magical mushroom with a well-balanced and powerful high. This mushroom contains approximately two times the amount of psilocybin found in other cubensis species and produces a moderate level of euphoria. The history of penis envy mushrooms is tumultuous.

Penis Envy Is A Powerful And Well-Balanced High

As a psychedelic mushroom, Penis Envy creates a profound and mind-bending high. This mushroom is highly effective at producing a powerful and well-balanced high that alters all senses, including sight, hearing, visual stimulation, and consciousness.

Its effects are incredibly powerful, with some people reporting time dilation, visual hallucinations, trails, and fractal surfing. Penis Envy has been recommended as a first-time psychedelic mushroom for beginners as well as more experienced users, but caution is advised. Do not mix it with any other substance.

It Produces A Moderate Euphoria

This mushrooms looks strange, with its wrinkly and bulbous stipe. Its name comes from its resemblance to a male penis. Its cap, which often separates from the stem, also looks odd. It is also one of the densest types of magic mushrooms. Because of its dense structure, it is heavier than other species.

It Has Approximately 2 Times More Psilocybin Than Any Other Cubensis

In 1979, scientist Steven Pollock created Hidden Creek, a company that investigated the therapeutic properties of mushrooms. He discovered psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, and saw the mycelium as nature’s best therapy and potential salvation. Pollock’s research culminated in Penis Envy, a highly potent strain of Psilocybecubensis.

It Has A Tumultuous History

The tumultuous history of the penis envy mushrooms begins in the 1970s with the discovery of a large patch in the Amazon rainforest by ethnobotanist Terence Mckenna. This mycologist and psychedelic advocate collected the spores and cultivated the mushroom. He shared his findings with his colleagues in the U.S. and gave one sample to mycologist Steven H. Pollock, who further refined the mushroom’s effects.

It Is One Of The Most Sought After Cubensis In The World

Psilocybecubensis is a popular magic mushroom. It grows in the south east of Asia. This mushroom is large and healthy. It is also potent and is known for producing dream-like effects. In addition to being one of the most popular types, cubensis is also one of the heaviest strains.

It Has A Bruising Effect

There is no clear explanation of how this mushroom came to be discovered, but the most likely explanation is that it was found by Terence McKenna, a British ethnobotanist and supporter of psychedelic plants. In the early 1970s, McKenna discovered a giant magic mushroom in the rainforest and sent its spore prints to his friend, mycologist Steven H. Pollock.

It Is A Hybrid

Terence McKenna, a renowned ethnobotanist and proponent of psychedelics, is credited with discovering penis envy mushrooms. In the 1970s, McKenna travelled to the Amazon and found a large patch of this hallucinogenic mushroom. He then carried the spore prints back to Colorado, where they found the attention of a medical doctor and psychedelic enthusiast named Steven Pollock. Now that you’re familiar with this variety of magical mushroom, you can place an order by clicking here.

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