Six Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying Infrared Saunas

You have probably heard the buzz bout infrared sauna and are considering buying one for your family. But, before you make your final decision, keep in mind that cheaper is not better when buying saunas. Buying the right one will help you save money, hassles, and time.

Here are some tips to help you with your purchase:

Try It Out

Before you buy an infrared sauna, look for a local dealer that has it so you can try it out. When choosing a sauna, you must consider the design but it should be more than just skin deep. Ensure the sauna does not have any visible external buckles. Find furniture quality detailing including fine-grained wood throughout. Opt for custom-made molding, as well as comfortable, seating, doors, and windows.

Choose the Best Wood

Choose a sauna built from smooth, hand-chosen tongue-and-groove vertical grain hemlock or western red cedar. Hemlock and cedar are the best options if you want a sauna with lasting beauty.  The best infrared sauna is made from wood certified by a sustainable forest. This means that the forest is planted, harvested correctly, and replanted after harvesting for the least impact on the environment.

Pay Attention to Construction

Ensure the sauna has tightly fitted joints and screws instead of glue construction. This ensures the sauna is made to last. Cheaper saunas depend on glue for keeping the joints sealed instead of detailed craftsmanship. To ensure you breathe pure air in your sauna, avoid one that lets you breathe heated glue that emits gasses.

Tackle the Delivery, Set-Up, and Installation

Ensure you pick a sauna supplier that will deliver, set up, and install the sauna in a few hours. This will let you save time and hassle and your sauna will be put together the right way. Choose a company that can handle any warranty problems. This way, you don’t end up hiring an electrician to troubleshoot the wiring if something goes wrong, then send parts to a factor and wait for their return and re-installation.

Pick the Right Size

Infrared saunas range in size from one-person to 6-person units and their prices vary accordingly. Think about the space available in your house and where you plan to place your sauna. Many people choose a corner unit that saves floor space while still having a spacious interior.

Check for Interior Light

The majority of infrared saunas come with interior lights; however, you should check it anyway. The interior light is important if you want to read during your sauna sessions.

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