Step By Step Guide When Maintaining A Flagpole

There may be a few reasons why you are looking for a flagpole, and if you are looking for flagpoles for sale, it is recommended that you look for one online. Online is the best place where you can buy flagpoles and their parts and flags. Plus, looking online provides you with a variety of options you might not have considered. Among the many kinds of flagpoles you can buy, it is recommended you consider buying a telescopic flagpole. Some are not as convinced about this option as they think it is the same as the traditional flagpole, only more expensive.

In fact, there are benefits to choosing a telescopic flagpole or a traditional one. You can enjoy convenience and ease when installing, removing, and moving the flagpole. Also, it can be removed or dismantled if bad weather comes. This is a great option that assists you in taking the best care of your flagpole and flag. Once you have decided on this option, below is a step-by-step guide to consider when learning to maintain a telescopic flagpole.

Step 1 

Remove the flag, raise the telescopic flagpole, and hose it down with clean water. Lay it down on its side, then rub the pole with a rag dampened in a bucket of water with a tablespoon of detergent. Build up of grime and dirt is the usual culprit why the mechanism of the telescopic flagpole sticks and is hard to operate.

Make sure you successfully remove all the grime and dirt on the pole’s sections, and once done, rinse the soap with water, and let it dry.

Step 2 

Lubricate the pole using lubricating oil. Spread the oil on all of the pole’s moving parts to treat and avoid jamming and sticking. Give special attention to the locking buttons of the flagpole, which is usually the reason the telescopic pole sticks and gets stuck.

Step 3 

Once everything is done, take a look at the pole and check for rust. If there is rust, scrub it away using a ball of soaked steel wool. The springs on the locking mechanism of the pole are the most prone to rust, so make sure to check on them very well. If you cannot remove the rust after scrubbing, it might be time to buy new springs.

Step 4 

Before installing the pole again, the next and final step is checking on cracked or broken parts. If you find any, make sure you replace them. Some shops sell parts, and calling them to order replacements is a good idea.

You can remove the old part using a wrench or screwdriver, then replace it with the new parts you purchase. To ensure that you can get the right part, buy the part from where you bought the flagpole.

Following the steps above can help you maintain your telescopic flagpole, so it works properly. Maintenance is necessary if you want to maximize the lifespan of your telescopic flagpole.

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