Style Stalker – Clemence Posey

As of late, we keep finding our gaze drawn to a pair of alluring blue eyes and an innocently infectious smile—both of which are property of the sublime Clemence Poesy. We’re not the only ones with appreciative glances. Poesy’s taken the media by storm in the past few months, and the French actress can be seen in the pages of fashion magazines, on movie screens, and as the face of Chloe perfume. As such, we could think of no one more fitting to grace the pages of your browsers as our mademoiselle of the month.

Many of you may have noticed her on the cover of this month’s Nylon, where Poesy sparkles alongside Anja Rubik and Chloe Sevigny, or perhaps you know her as Fleur Delacour from the Harry Potter movies. We first took note of Poesy a few fashion seasons ago, when looking at pictures from the European collections. We loved her Jane Birkin air and the nonchalantly cool outfits she wore to haute couture shows. How many ladies would have the sense of self—and style—to wear a black bowler to the Balenciaga Fall 07 show? Few, we think, few indeed.

Poesy’s approach to style never seems fussy or complicated, but her take on simplicity is always intriguing. She tends to stick to a neutral color palette and favors designers who have a bit of edge, like Isabel Marant. Unlike her stateside peers who gobble up accessories like chickens on corn, Poesy exercises restraint in this department too. She’s worn her signature pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for the last two years straight! (You can see the shades in the three pictures on the left.) Even when she’s in a single designer from head-to-toe, Poesy still infuses her outfit with personality. As mentioned, we loved her choice of chapeau with Balenciaga, and like how she selected cocoa colored tights and shoes to go with a smartly cut black Chloe coat.

Sadly, Poesy has chosen to not reprise her role in the Potter pictures, so it’s unlikely we’ll see her on American red carpets in the very near future. Nevertheless, this French beauty has definitely captured our attention and we look forward to admiring her from afar.

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