The packaging creates the first impression of a gift, from wrapping to decorations, and the condition when it is delivered pends on how it was shipped. Fragile gifts, like gifts made of glass or porcelain, require special packaging and shipping. To ensure that your customer delivers their gifts in the best condition, you must consider the type of gift and the best method of packaging and shipping. Below are some tips on the packaging and shipping of gifts.

Maximize the use of internal packaging

Items prone to breaking, like a bottle of wine, surround the package with adequate internal packaging to prevent the gift from damaging during shipping. Loose-fill polystyrene peanuts, bubble wraps, and crumbled paper will provide efficient cushioning by preventing movement around the box. For open items like a vase, fill the void with bubble wrap to keep the stand steady in the box during shipping. Find more information here about the importance of impressive packaging.

Wrap the items separately.

When wrapping more than one item for transit, it is essential to wrap them separately to prevent them from breaking due to hitting each. After wrapping them separately, you can put them in one package ready for shipping. This ensures that all the items are well wrapped with bubble wrap or crumpled paper, and the voids are covered to prevent damage during transit. Do not forget to label the fragile packages to avoid mixing them up with the other boxes.

Weigh the gifts after packaging

Though you might know the initial weight of the gifts, it is essential to weigh the entire gift package together to get the accurate weight of the box. The weight might differ from what you were expecting due to the weight of the gift wraps, bubble wraps, and crumbled paper. The weight is essential in determining the type of transport to be used.

Use transit tracking services.

This is an essential requirement for the store without their delivery services and online stores, which mainly depend on hiring transporters. Tracking the package’s transit will assure you that the customer has reached the location and is in good condition. Tracking services are free and will act as evidence of package delivery o the customer.

Use the right size of the packaging box.

Using a smaller box than the gift being packaged may lead to it erring during transit, leading to the item breaking. A huge box will create ample space, which may cause the items to rattle around the box and get damaged. Take the scenario of a cake in a big box. During transit, the cake will keep moving around, with some pieces sticking to the box’s corners. When the cake reaches the customer, it will already be damaged.

When shipping a gift to a customer, deciding the best material to package the gift for transit is essential. Using eco–friendly and robust materials that are not easy to tear during transit creates a good image for your business as environmentally aware and responsible. 

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