Use this Guide when Buying a Dab Rig

Dabbing is becoming more and popular because of how strong it is compared to other forms of smoking. While dabbing is the method, a dab rig is the tool used for doing it. A dab rig is a kind of water pipe that unlike other smoking devices like a bong or pipe, is not designed to catch anything on fire. It is used to dab the concentrated extracts onto the heated dab nail. Once heated, the tool releases a vapor to be inhaled with a strong concentration that offers great effects than conventional bongs. If you are on the market to buy dab rigs for sale, keep reading to ensure a successful purchase:

What to Purchase

The actual dab is the first thing you must secure. It is a wax or oil concentrates form of marijuana. The dab is more potent than other forms of marijuana and has much higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than normal cannabis.  Moreover, you need to determine the type of rig you want to use. A dab rig is composed of a chamber, a nail, and a downstream. The nail is the most important part as it turns the dab into a vapor after being heated. It is available in materials like glass, titanium, ceramic, and quartz.

A torch is another thing you must buy since a normal lighter can take forever to heat a nail. Finally, a dabber may be available in some dab rigs. But, you can buy this pen-like device separately to dab the concentrates onto the nail.

Important Things to Remember

When buying dab rigs, keep in mind the following things:

  • Size. When purchasing a rig, ensure it fits comfortably in one hand and if you can bring it when you travel. A dab rig is smaller than a bong because concentrates are already processed and combustion will not occur.

  • Durability. The durability of a dab rig is determined by its material and thickness. If you are investing in a thick rig, you might be willing to spend more money on accessories. However, temporary rigs don’t make it sensible to invest in any extra items.
  • Style. The right dab rig speaks of you and matches your dabbing style. In case you are new to dabbing and just wanting to give it a shot, go for a glass or ceramic nail. You can upgrade to a quartz or titanium nail later if you want to.

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