Warm feet a must or luxury?

The first cold days of the year are here and the frost on the ground is palpable. When you have a long bike ride ahead of you, cold feet are an unpleasant side effect.For some, it is 30 minutes of suffering, for others unbearable.People who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome or suffer from any other condition that compromises blood flow may at some point be unable to go outside. Heated socks, a must or a luxury?

Many online providers

With the emergence of various marketplaces, the supply of heated socks is huge. And not only is the supply varying, so is the price. If you research, you come up with a price range of 20 to 300 euros, a huge difference. What inspires confidence are still webshops with customer service, a phone number and good (independent reviews). For that reason, BERTSCHATĀ® is highly regarded. They are in the mid-range in terms of price and have several options regarding heated socks.

Large selection

What the perfect warming socks are for you depends partly on the activity you want to use them for and to what extent (painful) cold feet bother you. Are you a hiker or cyclist? Then the heated socks from the Hiking Edition are a good choice.Ā  These heated socks come just above your hiking boots and are ideal and comfortable for a long walk and/or bike ride.

A target group that also easily suffers from cold feet are winter sportsmen, this is due to external factors such as altitude and cold. A special line has also been created for this purpose – Long Edition Elite. These heated socks have the largest heating surface, covering the entire forefoot – up to 5x larger than other providers and the unique external heating element gives a huge boost to wearing comfort. Ideal if you spend an entire day on the slopes and want to enjoy the heated socks.

Battery choice and heating duration

How long you want to heat is up to you. Whereas this provider offers a wide range of batteries. For instance, the 2,600 mAh – 7.4 Volt battery pack is included as standard with a set of heated socks. For those who want longer heating, there is a choice of 3,000 mAh (some 20% longer heating duration) or the 3,800 mAh (up to 50% longer heating duration). This at a small additional cost of 20 and 30 euros respectively. You also have the choice of purchasing an extra battery pack, which basically allows you to heat non-stop with the heated socks. The batteries are USB rechargeable, so with a power bank you can recharge the batteries in time.

Customer service

In doubt? Or find it hard to choose between the large selection of heated socks? That’s another reason why this is an ideal provider. They offer a wide range of contact options: via chat, via phone and via email. Something you see less and less in these times. From thousands of reviews, you can read that the specialists’ advice is tailor-made and their accessibility is hugely praised.

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