Weight Loss Accessories & Gadgets: Top Things You Need To Buy

Weight that you have gained over the years cannot be done away with a magic pill. It’s a journey, and every step makes a difference. Talk to any health coach or fitness expert, and they will tell you that there is no one way of losing weight, and it is extremely essential to balance between exercise and diet. In this post, we are reviewing accessories & gadgets that can guide with weight loss, or at least will help in accelerating the process. Websites like Framing & Foundation have most of these products, so you don’t have to hop stores either.

Fitness bands

Fitness bands have moved beyond the expensive Apple Watch. Unless you are a gadget freak, you don’t have to go for anything expensive. Find a band that can do the basics – step counting, heart hate monitoring, and calorie counting. Fitness bands help you track how much you have walked in a day, and these are particularly useful for anyone who likes to keep a watch their movements. You can also use those that can help in tracking workouts.

Tummy trimmer

This looks like an exerciser, but is compact and easy to use. Get your feet inside the two straps of the tummy trimmer, and pull the handle with all your might. This will help you work your abdominal muscles and is a better way to do the crunches, especially if you are just starting out. Tummy trimmers are absolutely easy to use and super handy to store at office, or home.

Set of weights

There are two ways you can buy a set of weights. You can either choose to buy weights in form of plates or as dumbbells. The latter is great for arm and ab workouts, especially when you want to do bicep curls or work the triceps. Plates are great for back and leg workouts, especially for weighted squats. If you just want to do basic curls, go for dumbbells of 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg initially. For plates, you can check Framing and Foundation site.

Weighing scale

Many people may tell you that a weighing scale is definitely not something you want to check in your initial days, because if there is no weight loss immediately, it may demotivate you. A good rule of thumb is to have a weighing scale while being pragmatic about the approach. Go for a smart scale if you can afford, because these products help you find more on body composition and everything else, so that you can focus better on your workouts and diet.

Other handy weight loss tips!

If you have figured out these products, we also recommend that you check for intense workouts. HIIT is actually helpful for weight loss, and you should also consider using some form of cardio, at least thrice a week. Get a jumping rope if need be, and ensure that you are eating healthy too. Replace those drinks loaded with sugar for herbal teas, and check if you can consider the keto diet.

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