Youthful Women Buy Affordable Costume Jewellery Accessories

They provide vibrant, fun styles and colors that complement trendy clothes designers and therefore are offered at reasonable prices. Since more youthful women are often on limited budgets, they not have the money to invest on costly accessories.

Fashionable Jewellery Trends

Throughout the summer time, youthful women walk round the beach sporting navel rings and foot rings. One other popular trend is plastic bracelets (referred to as jelly bracelets throughout the 80s).

Youthful women are putting on multiple plastic bands worn round the wrist. These multi-colored bracelets represent fighting against various kinds of cancer (i.e. pink represents cancer of the breast and yellow represents Lance Armstrong’s combat testicular cancer) as well as other illnesses like AIDS.

There are lots of jewellery/accessory stores that cater particularly to youthful women. Some current urban chic costume jewellery trends include:

o Chunky beaded bracelets and necklaces

o Hip-hop style jewellery including big, rounded hoops and sparkling dollar sign medallions

o Bohemian style jewellery (wooden, shells, stone and amber)

o Body jewellery including tongue studs, navel rings, nose, lip and eyebrow studs

o Neon and acidity vibrant colors

o Classic simple metals (gold bangles and silver drop earrings)

o Oversized plastic rings

o Crystal bangle bracelets

o Skull & crossbone jewellery

o Anklets

o Large faux pearls

o Oversized watches

o Jean chains

Youthful Women Turn to Celebrities for Trends

Youthful women read magazines for fashion tips. Additionally they depend on Hollywood actresses and singers to create the style trend, including costume jewellery accessories.

o Heidi Klum – Layered four leaf clover pendants

o Christina Aguilera – Signature huge silver hoops

o Paris Hilton – Lengthy silver earrings and matching necklace

o Angelina Jolie – Trendy snake ring

o Jennifer Aniston – Silver circle disk necklace

o Avril Lavigne – Sparkling key pendant

o Jennifer Lopez – Sunburst dangle earrings

Youthful women not just put on modern, trendy jewellery but additionally enjoy retro styles in the 1970s and 1980s. They’re reviving vintage trends their parents and grandma and grandpa used. Classic silver and gold lockets never walk out style. Whether or not they put on understated or daring jewellery, youthful women are setting the interest rate for fashionable costume jewellery trends.

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